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I didn’t make the rules

I didn’t make the rules,” he shouted, somewhat exasperated. “There are people bigger than me and you who make these rules, and they’re watching us right now. No food is allowed inside. Mother may be revered by women around the world goodness knows, many even have shrines to her. But …

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Said they filmed everybody death scene just in case

Said they filmed everybody death scene just in case, said Cudlitz. That was a lie, but it enabled us to not have to defend who was dead or hide who was dead. Especially graphic, gruesome deaths of Abraham and Glenn have drawn criticism from some fans, even those accustomed to …

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guaranteed substitution

We did not get a “guaranteed substitution” moment until the 11:47 mark of the third quarter. Chicago’s Jorg Vall wound up serving a twelve minute penalty. The Storm would get the critical next goal. Golfed with Jonny Mac a few times over the years, and I never seen anything like …

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